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From the creators of Airlines Manager Tycoon, Airport Simulator: First Class is a strategy, management and building game. As an airport CEO, your mission is to build and arrange interior and exterior areas, sign and manage partnerships with airlines, and control passenger flows and satisfaction.
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Nov 7, 2022
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Airport Simulator Tycoon MOD APK is a simulation-based game that is designed for airport management and operations, in which you are constantly faced with a variety of short-term, intermediate, and macro-strategic choices. From infrastructure to customer service, airport services, flights, and various other aspects…all require your attention every now and then. Are you prepared for the position as Airport Director?

The introduction of Airport Simulator Tycoon


The simulation game is designed for Airport Management & Operations with an array of simple and engaging activities

About Airport Simulator Tycoon

The game was created by the same team who created an earlier simulation called Airlines Manager Tycoon which is extremely popular on mobile devices with profound strategic elements. In this version, Airport Simulator Tycoon, you will be doing it all comprehensively.

The Airport Director you’ll need to be involved in a variety of activities to ensure the smooth daily activities and the direction of the airport in the coming years. Your responsibilities include signing contracts and increasing airport services, improving customer care as well as managing airline partnerships and managing the flight times… However, these are only a few of the things to be accomplished in this challenging simulation game.

Create and operate the infrastructure of the airport.

To make sure that your airport is always in goodand efficient operation condition, and free from degradation, wear or obsolete technology, it is essential to take a look at the options for the construction and improving the infrastructure both inside and outside of the airport.

You’ll be the strategic designer for the infrastructure of your airport. This includes creating terminals and airports runway for airports, aircraft taxiway fuel stations, catering facilities registrations, security checks and boarding gates passport control cafe as well as airport decorations… The goal is to ensure that the airport is in good condition that is ready to host everyone. Additionally, it makes your airport an ideal base to seek out potential investment sources and collaboration.

Manage flow of passengers and increase satisfaction of passengers


You are in control and control the flow of passengers , from welcoming them to providing security and profit by increasing the number of the number of PAX in airport stores. Control everything from passenger volumes through air traffic management and system management including check-in as well as security and board tables, flights schedules and taking off. It might appear like a lot of tiny things, but if done correctly, they’ll be a routine that you can later not have to do a lot to manage every single detail.

In order to provide the highest quality satisfaction to your passengers To ensure that your airport is always a pleasure for passengers, you must be aware of the quality of your service runways, flight schedules and flight crew members. checking-ins and delays, complaints from customers, and control of whether the procedure for boarding is in order and if it is not and what the causes of delays are. All of these aspects must be considered in order to maximize the growth capacity of an airport. In the end, it is the passengers who remain the main source of making money.

Scheduled flights

The arranging of the daily schedule of flights is an important aspect of the work of the Airport Manager. You must schedule your flights at least two weeks ahead of time. Also, consult with the staff to confirm that the number of people booked for flight times is sufficient to cover the expected quantity of trips.

A profitable business and intelligent management

The most crucial thing is in the passengers and following that is next comes the Partners stage. As a partner you’ll take strategic decisions and concluding a variety of airline partnership agreements, manage contracts and keep those partnerships. On the other hand, for customers it’s crucial to ensure that the airport is able to accommodate the demands of passengers and constantly improve services to guarantee faster processing and greater profits. The main goal is objective of providing the best satisfaction to the passengers when in comparison to other airports.

Enhancing areas at the airport

Food stand-ups, massage stalls souvenir and duty-free shops, night resorts, kids’ play areas airport money changers or public telephone booths. Every now and then there are various urgent needs that require you to continue, increase or create additional airport related services.

Be aware that both the process of construction and investments require a lot of cash, therefore you should think carefully before you make any decisions.

Development of a business strategy and partner management


This is among the most vital tasks of the job of an airport director. You’ll determine your airport’s strategies by making sure that you balance low-cost flight against expensive flights. Additionally, you must decide on the type of flight that include frequent and flight charters, as well as short- and medium-haul aircraft and possibilities of opening general aviation routes. Balance and stability and being able to meet the needs from a wide range of passengers are the key factors to consider when creating an overall business plan for your airport.

Additionally, a different aspect of macro-management for long distances is the relationship with and Airport partners. You’ll need to take into consideration which airport partners you want to sign a contract with in order to ensure the airport’s operations and services today and in the near future. It is possible that you will need to add additional flights under your current contract with partner A. locate a new partner or negotiate new conditions on a mutually advantageous basis with your current partners.

Also, you must maintain your relationships. Every flight is a bonusthat is the reason why you join you and your top partners. But , it’s also important to be weighed against the revenues and season because If the contract is too long agreements there is a danger that you won’t be able to sustain sufficient numbers. It is better to reduce your speed rather than harming the partnership by breaching the agreement.

Financial management

All business activities should be profitable. Thus, constant monitoring and control of cash flow into and out is crucial. You must monitor financial activity through the Ledger. The numbers will provide you with information about income and costs and it will help you determine the profits of the airport. Thus, you can determine the areas where infrastructure is not performing and make more strategic choices regarding the investment or rebuilding of the airport infrastructure.

What's new

Hi everyone! Update 1.01.0400 is now live! - New user interface for the authentication window - More optimisation on simulation loading - Improvements to access the pack preview more easily - Fixes for players having issues with event missions - When a ramp is sold it will now automatically stash its boarding desk - Game balancing changes on worksites and buildables


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