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Best Racing Game ever with approximately 250 Million downloads! Try to build your own Bridge by competing with others for collectible blocks! You should look out for potential looters.
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Nov 11, 2022
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Download Bridge Race MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Ad Free): is an awesome bridge-building game. Your only job is to find the correct color bricks to build a bridge across a sea. The story does not end there.

Bridge Race:

As a joke, gather bricks and build bridges across oceans!

Bridge Race is the main job of the bridge builder

Bridge-Race-Apk for-Android
Bridge-Race-Apk for-Android

Temporarily, I will divide your task into main and secondary groups. The main task of Bridge Race is to run back and forth in order to collect as many bricks and to carry them as far as you can to build bridges across rivers. To defeat the enemy and get rid of their bricks, the secondary task is facing them in order to win. The score will increase if you play with an AI player. Playing with others will result in the winner of the game. I find it much more enjoyable to play with others.

These are your tricks

As the life principle, people say “put the first stone.” The territory for building the next sections will be owned by the person who laid the foundation. This game is about you doing the same. Because there will be fewer bridges than builders. The opponent cannot do anything once you have built it.

Your opponent cannot touch your unfinished bridge, but fortunately. This is true for single-player mode. This means that you can continue to bring bricks and then return to the original part without losing it. However, the condition is that the amount of bricks on your shoulders must equal the number of bricks the enemy has paved on their bridge. It is, in my opinion, too privilege.

Another trick you need to know before you play Bridge Race is not believing what you see. The correlation between how many bricks you have obtained and how long your bridge will be is what I am referring to. I have found that the bridge is often longer than you think, having played through close to a dozen scenes. You will therefore need to use more bricks. After “laying bricks”, the best thing is to collect as much bricks as you can. You must have more bricks if you don’t have it. It will be difficult to find the right bricks if you have only one or two. It is better to have more bricks than you need so that you can quickly build a foundation for the next brick.

Third, don’t let the colorful game colors confuse you. While you must collect bricks, don’t forget about stopping the opponent. They are the builders doing the same thing. Their bricks and color are different than yours. You must appear in front and bump and knock them down. Then, take away all their bricks. It is important to be attentive, as they could do the exact same thing to you.

Rewards and points in-game

Bonus points will be awarded to you for every bridge you build or any other item you collect while playing, except brick collecting. These points can be used to buy cool interfaces that will improve your mood and change the appearance of the builder.


Sometimes, cool items can also offer many benefits, such as speeding coins, which can make it easier to run twice as fast and help you collect bricks at an incredible speed. Or, an item that freezes your opponent. When you use it, everything, except you, will stop for a period of time so you can do whatever you like.

The reward mechanism is what’s really interesting about this. The brick will turn gray when it falls on the opponent. These bricks can then be collected and turned into your desired color. This is an item that you can get after defeating an enemy. It makes fighting games very competitive.


Like any other game, there are some points that are not very good. Bridge Race has one small problem. To continue building, you have to go to the correct part. It was not difficult at first. After a few scenes, I realized that the opponent was more numerous, the bridge’s length increased, and the amount of bricks needed to collect increased. It was exhausting and infuriating to have to run back and forth across the entire length of my bridge during the fire.

Graphics and sounds

Bridge Race’s graphics use a color block format and are very minimalistic. The only thing you can see in Bridge Race is monochromatic blocks, including the brick and figure of the builder. But this simplicity makes it more exciting. The background music is relaxing and doesn’t distract, so you can focus on building bridges and gathering bricks.

MOD APK version Bridge Race

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: There is plenty of money in the game.

Bridge Race MOD APK Download for Android

This game is simple, light and fun. It won’t drain your brain or cause you any harm. Bridge Race is so fun and relaxing. It’s so nice to go to 2D games with unusual color blocks from time to time.

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