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Trong Card Thief bạn di chuyển qua một cỗ bài như một tên trộm lén lút. Lẻn trong bóng tối, dập tắt ngọn đuốc, lính gác móc túi và đánh cắp kho báu quý giá mà không bị bắt. Trong nơi ẩn náu của bạn, bạn có thể sử dụng
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Arnold Rauers
18 thg 8, 2022
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Download Card Thief MOD APK Latest Version (Free Shopping, All Unlocked): This strategy card game is published by Arnold Rauers. This card game is new and very attractive. This game’s publisher won the 2017 German best game designer award. This game was also awarded the German best mobile game award in 2018.

You normally play a deck, but Card Thief is a completely different game. The gameplay of Card Thief is completely different. What is the gameplay? What makes this game so appealing? Let’s discuss!

A new game of cards

Some of the most popular card games are Pokemon and Hearthstone. However, all of them share a common feature: playing in the deck. You will organize your deck to make a strategy, and then combine the cards to defeat your opponent. Your opponent will lose if their opponent’s Life Point drops below zero. You lose, on the contrary.

Card Thief MOD APK Download

Card Thief is a totally different game, but it’s still very tactical. Your card moves around the table like a sneaky criminal thief. The thief who seeks the royal treasure will enter the palace and search. This is a similar concept to ancient times. Your card will be taken the same way. You will steal the treasure by moving stealthily. You will use your cards to steal as many money as you can, and then escape undetected.

You don’t have to know how to play the game yet. The game will show you how before you start the game. After you have completed the tutorial, make sure you understand all the rules.


This game requires patience and intelligence. You will find many guards in the palace. If you make a mistake, you could be arrested. But patience is the key to the game. Do not let treasures blind your eyes. Each turn will bring more money to the treasure, so be patient and you’ll get more. There will also be cards that can help you steal safely. It is important to be cautious and plan your escape route.

Card Thief MOD APK For Android

You will also receive some upgradeable equipment tokens that can be used to help you steal the treasure. Each level has 12 equipment cards. You can only use three of the 12 cards. With equipment cards, you can create your own deck. You can also compete against other players from around the world to be the best thief.



Card games that don’t require excessive graphics. Card Thief does not have very nice graphics. The new card game has attracted a lot of players. Don’t judge a game based on its appearance. If you have played the game and understand it, please rate it. This game is guaranteed to not disappoint.


Card Thief will be a great choice for anyone who enjoys card games. Both the images and the gameplay are brand new. This game requires intelligence to understand how the cards move. Stealth fans should not miss this game, especially if they are a fan. The publisher continues to develop new features and cards that will make the game more enjoyable for players.

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