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♥Us cute catz hav arrived hooman!♥
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Nov 10, 2022
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Cats & Soup MOD Apk is a simulation game for cat lovers. You will be entering a village of cats. Each cat has a unique specialty and task. You want to get cats to work together to make the best soups.

Introduce cats and soup

Amazing cooking game featuring cute and beautiful cats

Cats & Soup was voted the best Indie game on Google Play in 2021. Ever wonder why a girly game, with its soft pastel colors and hand-drawn strokes, can make such an impact? We invite you to explore the world of Cats & Soup and admire its self-centered beauty.



You are taken to a peaceful animal forest where cats of all sizes and colors live happily together. Each cat has a job. The finished product of one cat’s work will be that of the other cat. They exchange this way until they can make delicious, sweet soups together for the entire forest of cats.


Cats & Soup has no enemies, combat or violent weapons. It is the perfect game for light weekend entertainment and relaxation.

This is a great place to be if you love cat bosses. This forest is home to many cats. They are a mix of Ragdoll, Norwegian wildcat and Birman. This forest is not just for cat lovers. It’s a forest of cats that feels like a fairytale.

You can interact freely with the forest cats by entering the forest. You can dress them in cute clothes, glasses, flowers, and hairstyles.

You will need to teach each cat to perform specific tasks, and to manage them in their ability to make delicious soups. You don’t need to worry about them doing the following tasks: cutting, peeling, washing vegetables; selecting ingredients; making firewood; and so on. It is important to coordinate your time and work well because soups can become more complex later.

Apart from the main task of cooking soup, you will also need to help cats build houses and sell soup in the cat village. You earn gold coins every time you cook a successful soup. You can use this gold to purchase valuable items like kitchen utensils and cooking materials. Once you have a new item, you will assign it to the cat community and begin the cooking and processing process.

Cats-and-Soup-Apk MOD for-Android
Cats-and-Soup-Apk MOD for-Android

It is very simple to use the controls. You can play the game with almost anyone of any age. Follow the instructions, then touch the screen. Drag any cat to the area, and let him go. You can touch the soup to make it into money. You can also touch the item at the store to purchase recipes or supplies if you have the money. Continue to make soup and continue building. You will find more unique products as you get more money. This will speed up your soup-making process and allow you to create more unusual recipes. The most interesting thing about this competition isn’t the feeling that you lose, but rather the feeling that you get better each day.

Sound and graphics

Although you may not believe it but this game was chosen by me not because I like cats (I prefer dogs), nor because the idea of making cute soup is appealing to me, but because of its sweet drawings. This is one of those rare games where I can spend so much time discussing graphics, even though it’s only 2D.

Cats & Soup 2D images are a work of art. It is designed in a contemplative, hand-drawn style. It uses gentle pastel colors with light, ethereal pen strokes. This creates a group of cats who are so empathetic that they can’t help but adore their bosses.

It integrates well with weather simulators and the time of day. It’s different in the morning than it is in the evening. It’s sunny, raining, and the weather changes. The game can change your mood to a more positive outlook. You will be amazed at how beautiful every moment is when you play the game.

Cats-and-Soup-MOD APK-download
Cats-and-Soup-MOD APK-download

The game’s activities are also played to relaxing music with BGM. It is as if you were lost in a green forest, with birds chirping, leaves turning, raining, and night owls singing at night.

Cats & Soup are more than a game. It’s a new harmony that eases all your stress and entanglements, and plunges you into an easy and sweet world.

MOD APK version for Cats & Soup

MOD feature

All Purchases Free

How to Install Cats & Soup MOD APK latest Version

  1. Install Cats & Soup MOD.
  2. You can buy everything you need with real money (gems and items, umbrellas, Fairy Tree …).).
  3. To update to the most recent version of the MOD version, install the Update Package version.


Before opening MOD version, disconnect from the internet. Otherwise you will be notified to update.

You can play while you connect to the internet by following the steps.

Download Cats & Soup MOD & APK for Android

You will generally feel relaxed playing Cats & Soup. This game can be played anywhere and anytime, including before bed, on a morning, while on a bus, or during breaks. It’s easy to use, doesn’t require any complicated tasks, and isn’t overly stressful. Cats & Soup are as easy as their name.

What's new

[2.2.3 Update]
- 30 Million Downloads Event
- 7 Days Attendance Event for Black Friday
- New ingredient facility and rest facility added
- 1 new cat added
- New package added for Black Friday
- Other bugs fixed and convenience improvements made


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