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Oct 21, 2022
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Introduce about Crazy Kick!

Download Crazy Kick MOD APK (Skins Unlocked, No Ads): What do you think is football? Some believe football is a game for fun. Some people see football as a constant passion, an inexhaustible fire that never goes out. For some players, it is their job which feeds the entire family. Football is art to me!


Ever been fascinated by Neymar Jr., Ronaldinho and Messi? They are considered football legends because they can “circus” on the pitch, making the enemy look like a clown, if they so choose. Because of the joy it brings, football has been a form of art since its inception. This is football, at least in the eyes some people. Have you ever wished to be a superstar and control the ball as you please? If you answered “yes”, then I’d like to share with you the fascinating game of Voodoo publisher. The game will fulfill all your fantasies in the most magical manner. Crazy Kick!


This game is unlike any other football game that you’ve ever played. Crazy Kick! is the Dream League Soccer, Extreme Football game that requires you to manage an entire team. Only one ball is required.


You will be playing as a ball with other players to get into the net of your opponent. How do you control the ball? It’s easy. It is easy. Simply move your finger on the screen to move it in the desired direction. You can create amazing balls that go beyond the limits of physics, sometimes even exceeding them. You can also swing the ball hard until you feel confident enough to shoot.

You can pull the ball completely away from you to make a Knuckleball shot that is unpredictable and unstoppable. Crazy Kick is the name of this game.

It’s not as easy as you might think

I felt that this game was easy to learn when I first saw it. Once you have mastered the ball, there’s no stopping you. However, things aren’t always so easy. Crazy Kick! has many defenders and a goalkeeper who can defend the goal. These guys are very stubborn! They will push you as far away as they can, every time you get close. Each level also has its own obstacles, such as an iron fence, fence, or dangerous holes. You lose if your opponent kicks or drops your ball into the hole.


These things can be eliminated if you are alert and skilled. To avoid being tackled by your opponent, drive the ball fast and keep it out of the holes.

You can play football anywhere

Crazy Kick! There are many different soccer fields. The football field does not have to be in a stadium. It can also be located on a farm, or on top of buildings. Every terrain is unique and presents its own challenges. Imagine that farmers have dug deep holes on a farm to plant trees. You will also need to be careful if you are playing on a mountain. The ball could easily fall to the edge if you are not careful. This provides a variety of interesting experiences for the players, and eliminates boredom when only one place is used.

Crazy Kick MOD APK Version

MOD feature

Skins Unlocked

No Ads

Unlimited Money: The MOD version allows you to make unlimited money.

Download Crazy Kick! MOD APK for Android

Voodoo’s games are easy to play and addictive, so they provide comfort and entertainment. Crazy Kick! is a great entertainment game for fans of football. It can be played anywhere, anytime. Enjoy!

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