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Nov 4, 2022
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Curvy Punch 3D MOD APK (Free Upgrade, No Ads): allows you to increase the power and speed of your boxers. The MOD version can be downloaded via the links at the end of the article.

Introduce about Curvy Punch 3D


Many of the products VOODOO offers have a unique feature. You’ve probably experienced Rolly Legs or Tower Run, Scribble Rider, Bullet Rush!, and you are looking forward to the publisher announcing new products to break up the monotony. VOODOO has put a lot of effort into Curvy Punch 3D. It will make you feel excited.

The new gameplay

Curvy Punch 3D is a boxing game with similar gameplay. To become the champion, you play as a gladiator. The game is simulated, but not as bloody as you might imagine.

    To launch an attack, swipe across the screen at the beginning of the battle. Swipe left/right to launch an arc punch or head-on punch.

    Because the arms of the character are extremely long, you won’t need to move too close to your opponent. If you strike, the punch will go straight to the opponent’s position and injure him. He has a finite amount health, just like you. You win when it runs out.

    During the first 30 levels, I used this method. Before that, the obstacles seemed more dense and I considered using them to push my opponent out of an arena. This works well and I can complete 30 levels faster.

    There are many ways you can win in Curvy Punch 3D. Combining strategy and action makes Curvy Punch 3D unique. You will get a better idea of what the game is all about in the next section.

    Support item or Obstacle?

    Many stone blocks are scattered around the arena. Initial thought was that the stones blocks would block my vision and deflect my punches. This is incorrect. These statements are true only if the block/obstacle cannot be moved.


    You can also punch the obstacle or indirectly push the enemy off a cliff, or cause him to drop to the ground. He was unable to defend or attack at that point, so it was an excellent opportunity for you win.

    Fixed obstacles can be used as defense points. Move closer to stop your opponent from attacking. You can then dominate by performing fast round punches.

    Curvy Punch 3D also has a support item. It’s Punch, a super-powerful punch. Punch is a powerful punch that you can use to punch your opponent instead of just punching him. Punch will perform the punch for you and send him out of the arena immediately. It’s easy, isn’t it?


    To win the Curvy Punch 3D championship, you need to have more than just skills and tactics. A comprehensive upgrade is required in strength, attack range, and health.

    Three upgrades are available in the game: Strength, Health, or Stretch. The screen will display an upgrade system before you start the match. To upgrade, you simply need to touch the area you wish to upgrade.

    What if you don’t upgrade? You might be able to see instant results against an opponent level 100. He is agile and punches you in the face. Your low health makes him fall.

    Curvy-Punch-3D mod-apk
    Curvy-Punch-3D mod-apk

    Other times, the opponent may move away from you and attack you in a way that you can’t counterattack. Too soon, you will fail again and must replay the level. You may then wish your Stretch (attack range), was higher to have changed the tide.

    Upgrades are a key element in defending against smart and powerful opponents. This feature is also where you spend the majority of your bonus.

    MOD APK version Curvy Punch 3D

    MOD feature

    All three in-game upgrades are free. Upgrades are unlimited.

    Download Curvy Punch 3D MOD APP for Android

    You have found the perfect game for your leisure time. Curvy Punch 3D is a relaxing game that you can use to relax for hours. All it takes is a few swipes or touches on the screen. Fun action game without any violence.

    What's new

    Minor gameplay changes

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