Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK v1.9.2 (Mod Menu Unlimited Gems)


Food Fighter Clicker is a clicker game that grows to become the world's best mukbang food fighter by eating fast food and enhancing your abilities. Tap Tap and be the fastest!
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Oct 31, 2022
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Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK is a simulation from publisher fffungame. You will play as a real mukbang in the game. You will get more upgrades and bonus points the more you eat. Are you up for the culinary battle?

Introduce Food Fighter Clicker

It doesn’t matter how passionate you may be about food, there has to be a halt.

Happiness is eating


You must watch a mukbang eating video on Youtube if you don’t get it. You will be amazed at how they eat. They savor every flavor, eat a huge bowl of noodles, and eat a lot of candy. This is what eating can do for people.

You may still be unable to figure it out. If a person requires a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients every day, why not compress them all into one nutritional tablet? What is the purpose of eating? It is because eating is more than just giving you enough food. It’s hard to find a better way to end a long day than with tasty and satisfying food.

What is Food Fighter Clicker?

Food Fighter Clicker can be played in a very simple and easy-to-learn manner. It is also very entertaining. The game does not require you to be a chef or open a restaurant, or to solve any puzzles about food. Food Fighter Clicker requires you to do only one thing: Eat, eat and eat.

Like a true “athlete” in eating, any skill or ability can be improved over time. You may feel full after eating just one boiled egg at first. You will soon get used to eating more food. You will have greater eating skills and be able to eat a wider variety of food.



You will enter the real eating battle for survival. You will eat to survive, while others around you eat for their health. There will be many levels, each with different challenges. You’ll find dishes that are simple or complex and you’ll have to make them. You will earn more money and more diamonds the more you eat. These two items will slowly improve your eating skills. They will increase your bite power, speed of chewing, frequency of bites per second, chewing speed, key bite, size of your mouth and stomach, as well as your ability to take more bites.

It is important to think about how you can improve your current skills and abilities. If you are faced with the challenge of eating a large fish cake fast, it is important to prioritise increasing your bite power and size. Instead of taking four bites, you can now eat one piece. You will win quickly.

You get more money the higher you go, the more food you unlock. Food Fighter Clicker is an infinite loop of eating in which you are the only one who can exceed your limits in a short time.

You can change the avatar, hairstyle, and outfit, as well as the setting of the dining table. These are just a few details, but it will make your game more interesting if you can modify them.

Food Fighter Clicker is a wake up call for many people’s love of eating.


You should balance how much food you eat and how strong your stamina. The screen’s satiety index should be monitored. If the stomach feels full, the screen will display icons that indicate quick digestion options, such as Fart, Dung or Stop Eating. These solutions must be taken promptly or you could fall apart. Food Fighter Clicker’s function is, in my opinion, very humane.

You can see the dangers of the mukbang profession on Youtube if you watch the news. Mukbang Youtubers do horrible things in order to get more viewers and comments. They eat toxic food all day, eat huge meals, and eat a lot oily food.

There have been many mukbangs who were hospitalized with incurable illnesses and unable to breathe. Their brain and blood are so affected that they suddenly die. Although this has been mentioned in many newspapers, the lure of fame and money is likely to be much greater. The above solutions, which are all related to Food Fighter Clicker should be alarm bells that help you get up in the middle and take a moment to unwind before starting a new level.

Remember to eat a healthy diet and eat well. All things must be taken in moderation.

Sound and graphics

Food Fighter Clicker uses simple 2D images. The actions of the character are simply sitting down and eating every meal. A funny face makes it difficult to tell if your character is happy or sad. Only the mouth and hands are active. Your mouth will expand as you eat more. Also, your stomach will expand, making your hands more agile. Every move and challenge is quite funny. The players can also relax by doing this.

It is simple because it creates a sense of excitement and lightness that will allow you to eat every day. Simple sound effects can be used to get points or diamonds, and when you eat each dish. These sound effects are very small, but they create excitement.

MOD APK version Food Fighter Clicker

MOD feature

Unlimited Gems

Download Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK Android

It’s easy to grasp and is very cute. You can play the game with one hand. Food Fighter Clicker is a game for anyone who loves food and dreams of being a mukbang. Get the game here.


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