Idle Streamer! MOD APK v (Unlimited Coins)


Looking for a streaming life simulator? Have you ever played streamer games? Idle Streamer simulator game move you into a youtuber life. Start streamer tycoon career and upgrade your game character from scratch. Play streamer games and launch your own game livestream.
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Nov 5, 2022
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Are you a fan of Pewdiepie’s streamers? Idle Streamer will help you to build your career and name in the streaming industry Idle Streamer MOD APK (Unlimited coins).

Introduce the Idle Streamer

Idle-Streamer-do-hoa Apk
Idle-Streamer-do-hoa Apk

Streaming is a popular job among youth today. It allows you to make money by communicating with others online. This job requires you to be able to play games, make music or have a sense for humor. You can now become a well-known streamer by playing the game Idle Streamer!

Idle Streamer! This is an idle simulation game that was released not too long ago. MOONEE PUBLISHING, the publisher of this game is a new publisher. But Idle Streamer! Many players have quickly taken to Idle Streamer’s addictive and engaging gameplay.

You can become the most well-known streamer in the entire world and make a lot of cash.

It is difficult to open a streaming space and make money. To attract fans, you need to provide the best content and have popular characters. What would you do if you were given the task of managing a streaming room? Join the Idle Streamer team! This exciting job will challenge you! You will be able to manage and create a streaming area with the main character. This can lead to a lot of income. Do you have the skills and desire to grow in this rewarding job?

An addictive idle game

Idle-Streamer MOD-download
Idle-Streamer MOD-download

Idle Streamer! It is similar to Idle Ants. These are the classic idle simulation games. This game is a simple click-and-drag game. The game doesn’t require any skills or thinking. To earn as much money, you just need to click.

Your main character is not well-known and the streaming room is very sparse. Your character will start to gain followers after a few days of hard work. This will make your character more popular and earn you more money. To attract more viewers, you will need to increase the stream room with the money you make.

You can interact with fans during live streams by simply chatting with them. You must enhance your gaming skills to keep viewers. You will also need to improve the equipment in your stream room and decorate other items. Live streaming will make you richer the more money you make.

The graphics are very simple


The idle games have the same gameplay and graphics style. All three games are developed using a 3D animation style. This makes them stand out because of their bright and varied colors. Idle Streamer! It is also designed with 3D animation-style graphics. The room is equipped with attractive furnishings and decorations.

MOD APK version Idle Streamer

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins: There will be no need to have a lot of money immediately after you open the game. You can instead spend comfortably because the money you spend will increase and not decrease.

Get Idle Streamer MOD APK for Android

Many players love idle gameplay. Every idle game is different, but each one has the same gameplay. This keeps players interested. Idle Streamer is another great option! Another fun game you should play. Download the game below if you dream of being a streamer and making lots of money.

What's new

- bug fixes
- performance optimization


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