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Multiply your coins, select the best gates and collect lots of money! Money Rush is a fun runner game with one goal: get rich! Collect coins as much as you can to turn your game into a cash rush!
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Nov 11, 2022
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Money Rush:

The race for dollars!

Download Money Rush MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads): Heavy mobile games, which have complex stories, graphics, gameplay, and require a high-quality configuration phone, pose a problem. If you have a low-end phone and only need a game to entertain you and kill time, then a casual game is the best choice.

This is why there are so many games for smartphones. We have many options, even if they are based on bizarre ideas. Money Rush is a great option if you’re looking for something like the one I just mentioned.



Money Rush is the race for coins. You will race with the coins, as the name implies. The initial gold coins will be handed to you. They will be lined up and ready for your control. To control the movement of your coin cluster, you will need to touch the screen left and right. There will be several doors along the route that you must pass. You have two options to adjust the amount of money that you have. Each door can be divided into 2 parts. You have to pick the best door to increase your money.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you choose the wrong one. If you don’t have enough coins or the amount required to pass the new door, it is game over. You must start from the beginning.

You have 10 coins total. The left door is (x2) and the right is (-20). You get x2 if you smoothly run through the left doors. You will also be stopped if you run through the wrong door. Your coins are -10.

You will be randomly awarded awards after you have completed each level. You will receive a reward in your account for every coin that you place into the box.

You can use this money to fund future rounds, or as motivation to make your next move. You are now able to tackle new challenges with more money. There are many doors, and the speed is greater. Sometimes it’s not about adding or losing, but rather Lose Less vs. Lose More. To make sure you are on the right track, you need to calculate faster the further you travel.



Many people love and are excited about Money Rush in Google Play. Aside from that, I want to share this link with you so anyone is interested in downloading the game immediately.

Money Rush was described as a fantastic game by one person. You can have fun with it and you won’t get mad if you miss an opportunity. It is difficult to balance these two elements and not all casual games can do it.

Money Rush is claimed to be a national game. It should therefore be available on your phone so you can play it anywhere, anytime. This is a fun game that does not distract from your work. Relax for approximately 10 minutes, then return to your desk.

Money Rush seems like a cute game. It also tests each player’s ability to quickly calculate at a moderate level. The graphics are easy to read and understand, making them simple to use. It is easy to learn the gameplay in a matter of seconds. It is easy to use, to level up, to get excited and to receive many rewards.


Money Rush can be monotonous. This is especially true if you play for more than 30 minutes. It’s the same thing every time. The track is changing, the money is increasing every day, your “money-driving skills” are more skilled, and the speed and complexity increase of the doors. There is no way to get there. Many levels are completed, but nothing is permanent. The developer will hopefully come up with more options for players to enjoy the different levels.

Mod APK version Money Rush

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Money Rush MOD & APK for Android

Money Rush is a casual game that’s fun and has some interesting ideas about coins. Money Rush offers a fun math challenge that stimulates the player. It is monotonous but it can be fun if you are looking to kill time and have some fun.

What's new

We update Money Rush regularly to make this game a much better experience! Here are a few of the improvements you’ll find in the latest update: * Squashed some bugs - eww! * Improved game performance - smooth!


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