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Fighting Games reach a new level, with Online Games modes, challenges and new fighters— Enter the ring of realistic games, punch out, and get ready to rumble!
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Vivid Games S.A.
Nov 4, 2022
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Real Boxing 2 MOD APK is a sports game by Vivid Games S.A. The trailer caused a stir when it was first released. It sparked a lot of speculation, anticipation, and discussion. It was a huge success from the moment it was released. It completely changed the perception of “playing mobile boxing is not fun”.

Real Boxing 2:

Real-Boxing-2 APK-for-Android
Real-Boxing-2 APK-for-Android

Boxing is the “bloodiest” sport, literally and metaphorically. This statement can be confirmed by playing the Real Boxing 2 video game, which I will tell you about below.

Real Boxing 2 is different from other games I have played, and I have given a few reviews about them. This time I want to focus on its sound and image.

The sound and visuals are so vivid, it gives you goosebumps


The developer claims that Real Boxing 2 uses the Unreal Engine graphics platform. This is the current top technology in mobile gaming and can be compared with PC-level. There is little to be unhappy about when it comes down to smoothness, flexibility and vividness. The boxer’s muscles vibrate with every movement. You can also see the explosive reactions of his opponents on the field. As the bloodstains begin to spread, they become more severe. It is difficult to look at them. The simulation is realistic and realistic. It also touches the emotions of players. It’s amazing. This is not a game to be played for fun. It’s meant to be stressful as a true boxer.

Real Boxing 2’s arena is not the place to be free. Your ears will be immersed in the cheers and cheers of the crowd from the moment you take your first steps. Every hit makes a loud sound that is almost too harsh. The slow-motion screens that show the impact of each fall highlight the brutality of this sport.

This game is easy for weak souls to panic. Only steel warriors can stand firm in battle.

No ordinary fighter

Real Boxing 2 offers many character options that can be customized to your liking, even though they don’t use a particular model. Your guy can be shaped in a variety of ways, including hair, tattoos, arm muscles, chest muscles, and costumes.

I am reminded of Mortal Kombat X by the cool, rough appearance of these boxers. It must be acknowledged that Real Boxing 2 is something entirely new and completely different. It’s real and painful, just like real life.

Real Boxing 2 characters must adhere strictly to traditional boxing rules (especially not using their legs and only using their hands) when they defend themselves or attack them. No matter how powerful the man is, he’s just an ordinary human being, not a superhuman. Real Boxing’s super-strong attacks stop at “miracle gloves”, which emit cold blue gas onto the back of an enemy’s neck. This is not magic swiping. This is what I love. It’s a boxing match, so it must be true.



Real Boxing 2 offers three game modes: Single Player (Multiplayer), Multiplayer (Career), and Multiplayer (Multiplayer). In Single mode, you will face the AI boxer. Multiplayer mode allows you to fight other players directly. You will find constant challenges in Career mode to transform you from a “chicken boxer” to a “stubborn one” through challenges and matches, until you become a world-class boxer.

If you win the matches, your main stats will increase including strength, stamina, speed, endurance, and endurance. You will have more chances of knocking out your opponents by unlocking new abilities and awesome equipment.

You can use your mobile to let your opponent perform powerful punches on you: reverse hook, horizontal hook, left thrust, extreme straight punt… Everything you saw and heard on TV’s boxing shows are here. Victory is only possible when you pay attention to your opponent and are focused on your defense and attack.

Combining unique attacks can help you identify weak points in your enemy. To deal with enemies who have slow attack speeds, use attacks that aren’t too expensive but also at high speed. To quickly eliminate hyperactive enemies with too many weak points, you can use dangerous moves that require slow healing.

MOD APK version Real Boxing 2 MOD APK

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Unlimited Money

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This is a fast-paced fight boxing game that’s perfect for fans of the legendary steel boxing game. Let’s get down to the ring and enjoy the beauty and bloody moves. Are you guys ready?

What's new

Welcome Boxers!
Have you rested after Halloween? That's great because the new update is along with us!
Rage Tyron is joining our extraordinary boxing roster, will you be able to complete his challenges? This guy is a thought opponent in the ring. Watch out for his unique "Iron Skin" skill as he will sustain even more punches to his face.
As always the update is also packed with fixes and improvements to the game's stability.
Join our boxing family, and let's get ready to rumble!
Game on!


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