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Oct 26, 2022
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Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK tells the story of heroism in the world Harmonia. Humans, Undead and Spirits have lived peacefully on this bright and colorful planet since time immemorial. Disaster struck one day. The darkness invaded all lands, turning it into a sea filled with greed and causing great suffering.

Present Shadow Knight Premium

You can immerse yourself into endless fantasy shadow battles!



Your role will be that of the Dark Hero, the only hope for the world. Your character will fulfill the role of the Dark Hero, saving Harmonia from total destruction and bringing light back to all life.

Do you know this apocalyptic scenario, or are you just starting to learn about it?

Shadow Knight Premium contains almost every scenario that can cause the apocalypse, including monsters, aliens and zombies.

According to the public, Shadow Knight Premium is one of the most popular action-role-playing mobile games. The entire game is about saving the Harmonia world from the past. Each level is made up of many scenes. This journey spans many levels. It revolves around the intense battles between Knights and monsters of dark.

It is exciting to slash when playing Shadow Knight Premium. The Dark Knight character capital is equipped with enough skills to run, jump, and climb like a true ninja in many scenes. During battle rounds they will be able to acquire many types of equipment, including weapons, superior skills and even equipment that can be used to increase their power.

How the controls are laid out will determine how good the game experience is. The control layout is simple and straightforward, so you can focus fully on the screen and grasp the situation. You can also fight the monsters with ease. Shadow Knight Premium excels at this task. The game makes it easy to control your character. The horizontal screen can be divided into two parts. On the left you will see the cluster of movement directions and on the right the buttons for skills.


Contrary to the simple operation, Shadow Knight Premium’s battle screen are quite eye-catching. You can create many magical combinations by combining attacks and moves against a dark background. When dozens of enemies fall, the light radiates from the skill’s path. These skills are very exciting, regardless of whether you win the battle.

Enhance your character’s strength

In order to be a stronger character, you must always upgrade your abilities to be able to face a variety of more powerful monsters.

To get started, however, you must choose the right class. Shadow Knight Premium offers 4 classes that correspond to different weapons, skills, or powers.

  • Noah: Noah’s main weapon is the sword. He has strong melee abilities and high damage.
  • Ashley is a specialist in guns and can attack from afar with high accuracy.
  • Hector: A muscly warrior who uses only his hands to fight but can cause great damage.
  • Lucius: An assassin who can assassinate using countless sharp knives.

You can earn soul pieces by defeating monsters and upgrading your character. The upgrade path for the Shadow Warrior depends on which class it was chosen at the beginning. It can further enhance its special skills by choosing another class. The skillset will change with each level. The number of combat combinations will increase in power, fervor, and variety.

Shadow-Knight-Premium Download-for-Android
Shadow-Knight-Premium Download-for-Android

Each match will feature two characters that can be switched between different enemies. Every character has level-based skills and can also obtain special equipment by passing scenes or hunting treasure chests like armor, shoes belts, belts, and hats. All equipment in Shadow Knight Premium can be divided into six categories: Rare, Premium Premium, Unique Legendary, Legendary, Legendary, Ultimate, and Premium. Equipment can be made stronger by adding enhancement stones to it or combining several items that are not commonly used.

Attractive game modes

Shadow Knight Premium offers 3 game modes to players: Story, Survival, and Passage.

  • Story mode: Follow the storyline of the game. There are many levels and small scenes that you can overcome in order to save the world.
  • Passage mode: There are three difficulty levels. You will need to pass the stage to collect gold resources and enhancement stones.
  • Survival Mode: There are many battles that are broken into multiple turns. Each turn is more difficult. Every turn, the opponent will have a multitude of monsters that become increasingly dense. This is where you can accumulate points and collect rewards for your characters. You will also be able to put your name in the prestigious rankings.

MOD APK version Shadow Knight Premium

MOD feature

Unlimited everything

No Skill CD

Shadow Knight Premium MOD & APK for Android

Shadow Knight Premium is simply a fantastic game. Everything is covered in dark black, and everything flows perfectly with intense battles. There are many twists and turns in the plot. The graphics and sound effects are a highlight of the game.

What's new

- Fix some minor bugs.



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