Slash & Girl MOD APK v (God Mode, Unlocked weapons)

In a world which is invaded and controlled by Jokers, the story begins with a ‘maniac’ girl called Doris who fight alone with Jokers. She is not trying to be a saviour, she has no interest to others, yet only running and fighting can bring her happiness and pleasure.
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Oct 29, 2022
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Slash Girl MOD APK is an endless-running game that revolves around a frantic chase between Doris, a crazy girl, and the Joker who wants the Earth to be invaded. This game is full of energy and excitement.

Slash & Girl: Introduce yourself

Chasing Jokers With the Crazy Girl Doris!


Because of the Joker’s desire to conquer all, everything is now darkened and in desperate need. A savior appeared at this moment. She was a madwoman called Doris. The only person capable of fighting off the Joker’s evil mind, this brave girl would. Slash & Girl is a never-ending chase between Doris Joker and Joker.



Doris isn’t passive like the endless-running games. She doesn’t run around running and being chased all day. Our girl, on the contrary is in complete control of the situation. Doris chases down the Joker every step of the way. Doris will fight her way through thrilling battles to find her opponent and defeat all obstacles that stand in her path to progress. Slash and Girl offers endless running, but also fiery battles that last forever.

Everything happens at lightning speed in the game. Players must not only run fast, but master speed and be quick.

It is easy to control the character: swipe left and to move in the desired direction, swipe up for high jumps, swipe down to roll, swipe up to move around. It is very similar to endless-running games. However, it will be difficult to control Doris the entire time you play it. All operations must be combined with a reasonable amount of caution.

Frequency is important because Doris must constantly fight to overcome obstacles and kick any little creatures that might appear. Higher chances of winning are higher if the operations are combined with quick and accurate eyes.

Fun when the Run + Fist combination is used

You will be able to discover a new way of running as Doris, the girl who is running. Doris can not only run on the ground but can also run through air using just one button. Doris is able to run along vertical walls, jump into the air to kick Jokers, land on the ground and kick the henchmen who are lining up crazy around her. After finishing the run, she smiles charmingly and brushes her teeth.


Slash & Girl is always in hot situations. As the level increases, your speed, difficulty situations, Jokers, and the types of obstacles will all increase. You’ll feel like a spinning pinwheel. Many new weapons and equipment will be available to Doris to increase her strength. You will earn coins for each level you pass. You can use coins to purchase new weapons like traffic signs, lightsabers and chainsaws. Or new equipment like pants, shirts and boots. There are up to 50 different weapons and hundreds more outfits with their own charm.

You must equip yourself. You will be unable to defeat the boss if you don’t. Time and victory determine which weapon is stronger. This is an indicator of the player’s fighting ability and preparation for the Doris firestorm wars.

Don’t forget Doris’ health bar. You only have three lives in each run.

Slash and Girl surprised me with their ability to adjust the running speed for Doris from the very first test. You can choose Doris’ speed depending on her ability and how well you know the character. This feature allows players of all levels to enter the game and gradually improve their skills.

Sound and graphics


Slash & Girl features a lot classical melodious sounds, which contrasts the fast tempo and explosive battles. This juxtaposition always creates a sense of excitement and surprise for the player. This contrast is what keeps you calm mentally when your character is running or fighting too fast.

It is worth noting that Doris appeared in Slash & Girl. This crazy girl is not only a great runner and fighter, but she’s also extremely attentive to her appearance. Doris will be able to wear many fashionable outfits. Combining many clothes with equipment and weapons creates great mix match combinations that are playful but full of power and will. This game is full of excitement, as you can change Doris’ appearance and embellish it. Every shape is cool. This is a huge plus for the developer.

On epic, city-lit streets, encounters, chases and clashes between Doris, the Joker’s minions, or the Joker himself, take place. Extreme fight scenes also feature intense explosions and fire effects. You will feel overwhelmed from sight to sensation when you start the first stages in Slash & Girl.

MOD APK version for Slash & Girl

MOD feature


Download Slash & Girl MOD & APK for Android

The chase – endless combat has many interesting backgrounds and beautiful characters, as well as eye-catching costumes. Slash & Girls is worth a look. To play the game immediately, everyone must download it.

What's new

Hello everyone:
It's Doris Radio broadcasting for you
Now I will introduce the long-awaited version of " Strauss "
1. Added "Nas Factory" gameplay and and added the "tech target".
2. Added Halloween holiday limited suit - Fallen Angel Strauss
3. Added Halloween limited weapon "Cain"
4. ONI suit, Hell Seal return
5. Optimization and BUG improvement
Hope you all enjoy.


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