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Download Sushi Roll 3D MOD APK (Vip Unlocked): Do you have any experience managing a restaurant? Although it sounds difficult, this job is easy to master when you play Sushi Roll 3D MOD APPK.

Learn about Sushi Roll 3D


SayGames just released Sushi Roll 3D two weeks ago. You may be familiar with SayGames. They are a publisher well-known for their addictive games. Sushi Roll 3D is another simulation game that has a high addictive nature. It’s worth a try! The introduction below explains a little bit about the game.

Manage your restaurant

Sushi Roll 3D MOD APK is a simulation game that allows you to become the owner of a Japanese restaurant. It’s possible to make a fortune in the restaurant business.

Sushi Roll 3D will allow you to manage and develop a restaurant. This restaurant is known for its Japanese cuisine. The boss and the employee are the chefs of the restaurant. Unique dishes will attract customers from all walks of the business. This amazing Japanese restaurant will make you a lot of cash quickly.

Every customer visits your restaurant to order a particular dish. All their needs must be met, from main course to dessert, and accompaniments to it. They will be happy to pay you a lot if they are satisfied. You won’t get anything if they don’t satisfy their needs.

Each decision you make directly impacts this restaurant. To make your restaurant more popular, you will need the right business strategy.

You can prepare Japanese dishes by yourself with the game

You will be cooking Japanese food at this shop. You’ll be making dishes like sushi, maki and sashimi as well as nigiri and noodles.

You manually prepare delicious dishes by chopping and dicing ingredients. You can create delicious and eye-catching sushi by cutting, chopping and curling ingredients. Your customers will be happier if you make more sushi and they will also pay you more.


You need the right ingredients and equipment to prepare delicious dishes. You will need a few basic tools and raw materials in the beginning. Later on, however, you will need to purchase new ingredients and tools in order to create more complex dishes.

Decorate and expand your restaurant

You must keep your five-star restaurant in good shape. You want the restaurant to be more popular and draw more customers. You must continue to upgrade your restaurant by buying new equipment, bowls, furniture, tools, and equipment. You can also decorate your restaurant to make it more inviting and cozy.

Images and sounds

The Sushi Roll 3D image is simple but striking. Despite the fact that the images are mostly food-related, the 3D graphics are used to create them. The game’s images are vivid and real thanks to this. You can’t resist the tempting restaurant menus if you are a sushi lover.


The vivid sound effects will make you happy. Many popular social media videos show how to cut everything with a knife. Sushi Roll 3D is also a great option. It will make every bite of meat and fish taste delicious. This amazing sound will keep you playing forever.

MOD APK version Sushi Roll 3D

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You can start the game with unlimited cash.

Get Sushi Roll 3D MOD APK Android

Sushi Roll 3D offers a fun and exciting experience with its restaurant theme simulation gameplay. You will be able to create Japanese dishes manually, which is a great opportunity for those who love Japanese cuisine. Don’t wait to download Sushi Roll 3D MOD APK and start enjoying it!


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