Traffic Tour MOD APK v (Unlimited Money, all cars unlocked)


This is a Highway or lanes racing game, speed into Traffic jam Lane splitting to get more points. navigate your way in a straight highway between cars and trucks.
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Nov 2, 2022
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More About Traffic Tour: A new endless arcade racing game

Download Traffic Tour MOD APK Latest Version (Unlimited Money, all cars unlocked): Traffic Tour MOD Apk is an infinite arcade race game that tests and develops the best drivers. The game was first released for both Android and iOS version on the 7th of November on the 7th of November, 2016 the game swiftly attracted the attention of gamers all over the world. The game lets you’ll be able to go in the fastest speed possible and not worry about the risk of traffic accidents or traffic violations.


Traffic Tour MOD APK
Traffic Tour MOD APK

The gameplay of Traffic Tour is similar the most popular racing games on mobile like Asphalt 8.. There isn’t an competitor or other players racing against you. Your only enemy is you. While playing this game, you will be able to experience endless roads, and driving the supercars you’ve always dreamed of. Learn to improve your driving abilities with every trip and work towards becoming the most proficient driver.

In essence, Traffic Tour is not a usual endless running arcade racing game. In Career mode the game features an assignment system for players which are organized in order from simple to challenging. You must be able to complete the objectives of the game to you can move on to more difficult tasks. The game functions as driving school, in which you test your abilities to drive on the highways in numerous vehicles that are fast.

If you collide with another vehicle If you were involved in a collision with another vehicle, you’re in good shape, nobody was hurt. All that is needed is for your vehicle remained in that place for a certain amount of time. And naturally you won’t be able to finish your task if you continually struggle with this issue particularly when you are on time-consuming tasks. While you travel make sure you collect energy boosts. They can be energy that will make nitro available or even money.


Traffic Tour MOD APK1
Traffic Tour MOD APK1

On the screen are fundamental control keys in the racing game, like accelerator pedal brake pedal and left and right Arrow keys. Additionally, double-tapping on your accelerator pedal to trigger the nitro feature helps the car accelerate. My opinion is that the use of nitro is only appropriate for large roads and not on a lot of vehicles. Speeding up could make it difficult to manage and result in an accident.

Traffic Tour provides you with three driving modes, which include tilting the device, using buttons and the steering wheel. For those who use smartphones tilting the phone is a standard mode of driving. The phone functions as an actual steering wheel that you can turn and tilting the phone to alter the direction of the vehicle. If you’d like to make it more difficult mode, select your phone’s virtual steering wheel.

When you tap the camera icon to the left side of the display, this game will allow you to alter the view of the driver. The view can be seen through the back of your car or inside the cockpit.


Traffic Tour MOD APK3
Traffic Tour MOD APK3

Traffic Tour programmed traffic systems and vehicles that resemble real life to give the most realistic experience for players. The game is thoroughly examined by using pictures. Realistic and vibrant weather effects that include various landscapes, including snow, desert, … Sound and background music are crucial to make players to feel comfortable during their journey.


At present, Traffic Tour has modes which include Career, Racing Now, Endless the Free Ride, Time Trial and any other event mode. Particularly, Racing Now mode is an online mode, which allows players to compete with their fellow players online. Invite your friends on social networks like Facebook and take part in a thrilling race. The seasonal rating system is designed to identify the best drivers. Each season, drivers receive gifts in line with their ranking.

Unlock and upgrade

Traffic Tour MOD APK4
Traffic Tour MOD APK4

Naturally, in racing, high-end cars are always the most popular choice for players. Traffic Tour has more than 40 models of high-end cars that are modeled from the most famous brands in real life , like Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren… Beginning with the Grandlo GR45 then you earn cash after each race to purchase a brand new car. Certain models require you to pay cash in order to unlock. Additionally, you can select any color of vehicle, and get 1500 coins for each change.

To finish tasks in Career mode as well as to improve your driving abilities upgrading your car is the most efficient method for you to conquer challenging tasks. The game gives you three different types of upgrades which include braking, handling and acceleration. You can also purchase better wheels.


Everything would be great If Traffic Tour does not have numerous advertisements. They appear each when I complete something, like updating cars and colors, buying new cars, or finishing the mission. This can significantly impact the experience of the player. I hope that the developer Wolves Interactive will improve this in the coming updated versions.

Traffic Tour MOD version APK Traffic Tour

Our MOD version gives you all favourite cars. With the latest supercars that are fully upgraded it is easy to conquer the difficulties of this game.

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Each expenditure you make the money, it will return to zero. You must close the game and open it again to get cash to spend again.

Download Traffic Tour MOD APK for Android

While not the best, Traffic Tour is still an enjoyable racing game featuring a myriad of exciting features. The game features stunning graphics, captivating gameplay, supercars that are fast with intense missions systems and many more. If you are a fan of excitement and speed This is a game that you must not skip.


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