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Nov 8, 2022
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Download War Machines MOD APK (Unlimited everything): Is there a genre of game that allows for realistic fighting and driving heavy tanks? A tank battle game is one such genre. It includes both battle-tactical and driving elements. It is the only tank that can participate in great wars.

I had the chance to play some tank games and was most impressed with War Machines.

Multiplayer tank game


War Machines is an easy-to-understand multiplayer tank game. You play as a professional tank driver and join the battlefront of heavy battle vehicles from other players. Your biggest challenge is to control your tank and defeat the enemies of the US, China and other great powers that are threatening to invade your country. War Machines has a 3 minute game screen with clear wins and losses. It’s short and dramatic, quickly providing a lot of experience.

It is very easy to play. It is easy to learn, so take your time. Although the tank is quite large, it’s easy to use the clear third-person view and the clear control interface (left hand for navigation, right for combat functions) which makes everything active and visible. The third-person view makes it possible to see the surroundings from afar.

Exciting game mode


You can also choose from Free for All, Team DeathMatch and Conquest game modes. Solo mode allows you to drive your tank and shoot down all enemy tanks at once. Multiplayer mode allows you to join other armies and fight alongside them. Each has its own interests. To understand the game, I decided to play solo. After I was comfortable with the controls, I switched to multiplayer mode. Both were amazing to me.

Large map

War Machines has a large map. You can conquer many terrains in War Machines. These include Desert Port, Villages, Ship Docks and Hill Bases.


Not only will you be involved in several wars, but you will also be transported to many locations and assigned many tasks. There are endless thrills ahead. It is easy to see the differences in the scenery, as well as the space, color and terrain. Driving tanks is a very dependent on terrain. I think that choosing the right tank/ attribute to customize the tank for each scene’s terrain is a good part of this strategy.

Tank enthusiasts love War Machines for their many types of tanks

You can equip your tanks with powerful firepower and many other techniques. You must work hard to unlock or upgrade a tank, or get it new. You will have more chances to get heavy tanks if you are more diligent.

You can personalize your tank to suit your level and tank type. Each tank has its own stats. These include Armor, Attack Shots, Movement, and Shots. Each tank will have its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as suitability to different terrains and battle strategies.

Beautiful graphics and sound, simple but beautiful

A fighting game is broken regardless of its form. Fun Game For Free did an excellent job this time in War Machines. It is a perfect sound. The sound is lively, with war noises everywhere and the roaring sound from the fighting machines as if you were on a real battlefield. It will be even more fun if you turn on your speakerphone while playing this game.

Strong impressions are made by the effects of smoke, fire, and movement of the tanks in War Machines. It was amazing to me that a mobile game could accomplish such a realistic battlefield series. Everybody who plays this game will agree with me.

MOD APK version War Machines

MOD feature

Radar: Show Enemies

Download War Machines MOD APK Android

War Machines is a great, fun, tank-shooting experience that features a wide range of fire engines, realistic terrain, large, expressive spaces, and easy controls. You can play solo or in multiplayer.

What's new

This update contains some quality of life improvements and fixes.


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