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Have you ever imagined yourself as the main character in your favorite TV series or novel?
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Nov 11, 2022
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Whispers Interactive Romance Stories MOD Apk is a visual novel simulation from Gamehaus Network that promises to deliver a world full of poetic emotions for any novel lover.

Introduce Whispers

Do you want to write your own books?

The base of interactive simulation games based on novel concepts

Novels are fictional works that tell stories from different genres. Each character is unique and each dialogue has a meaning that affects the lives of others. This creates the overall plot for the novel. It cannot be without the outlook on life, conflict, secret surprise, surprise and knots cleverly removed. This creates an attraction that attracts the entire series.


Each novel can only have one ending. The author can decide the life of each character. Even if you don’t write the story, you can still influence the story structure and decide your own ending. All must be exciting and interesting.

A series of interactive simulation games, all based on classic novels, was born out of that demand. The game is very easy to use. You just have to read through the options, make your decision and then follow the story to make a decision in another important circumstance. You just need to read and decide what you want. Then, make a decision and let the story take you where you want it to go.

From where does the game’s appeal come?

Interactive simulation games are different from other types of games. The fun isn’t in the sound or visual effects nor the competition for scores or goals. It is in the fact that players can place themselves in the role of the character and act according to their instincts and thoughts. Your character’s ending will be more true to you if you are honest with yourself.

Whispers-MOD-Apk For Android
Whispers-MOD-Apk For Android

The most important thing is that the reflections after the game ends will teach you a lot. We can see ourselves in the characters we portray and learn how to think differently. This is a fascinating and profound part of the game that only a few other games can offer.

Whispers is the most vibrant representative of the interactive game series.

This is a compilation of top novels in many genres. It includes romance, drama, fantasy, thriller, horror, and realistic novels. You can choose to play as either a boy (or a girl) in each story. Whispers’ novel gardens feature mini-games that are updated each month. Here you can play as many characters, including Cinderella, a man who is in love, and the ghost of a princess.

Every character has their own story. There are many situations in which decisions must be made. You are the only one who can make them all. You will find different paths depending on how fate sets you up and what your heart desires. Romance is a chapter that will discuss whether you want to fall in love, either with a handsome man or a muscular, big guy who gives you security and protection.

You can choose to reveal the truth or to accept that you are a person who keeps a terrible secret in order to inherit a great legacy. You can choose to travel to a magical fairyland or take on the role of a lost princess in the Love chapter. You have begun a new chapter in your emotional life.

Interactive simulation platforms offer great flexibility

Every story has its own rhythm, plot, climax and logic. There are hundreds of situations. You can personalize your character by changing their hairstyles, facial features and costumes until you find the right look. Then, you’ll be able to accompany the character at all future events. You can rest assured that the other characters in the story, no matter their roles, are equally talented and beautiful. Are you ready to experience a lot?

Whispers-Apk for-Android
Whispers-Apk for-Android

In the chapter “Dance to the top”, the story focuses on a famous competition in which you participate. This reality show is the most anticipated of the year. Because you are drawn to a person you like and an idol who will be your coach, you decide to take part. There are many ups and downs to the love triangle. You can choose to play as a boy or girl and you can also customize your dance costumes. Prepare for the emotional matrix ahead.

Another example is the chapter called Witness. Your life will be turned upside-down after you become a witness to a crime. In the midst of dangerous swarms, you’ll be constantly faced with trying to survive. A number of relationships are also thrown into doubt. This part will allow you to enjoy the game’s Witness Protection feature and experience a heart attack constantly with shocking situations, surprises and undiscovered secrets.

MOD APK version for Whispers

MOD features

  • All Chapters Unlocked
  • Unlocked Premium Stuff

Download Whispers MOD APK Android

If you love novels, regardless of genre, and you want to create your endings and follow drama-filled stories, Whispers is for you. Sometimes, you may forget about the long, hard day ahead while playing Whispers.

What's new

Fix some bugs.
New chapters each week.

The Nocturnal Billionaire
The Wolf in the high tower, just one of the many nicknames that surround your mysterious new employer. CEO of a multi-billion dollar company and one of the most sought-after bachelors around is the man you’ll be working under. Luxurious events, exquisite food and glamourous outfits are just some of the perks of your job. But the real highlight? Knowing that the wolf has his eyes set on you.


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