Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod APK v2.0.4 (Unlimited Money, Diamond)


The world has changed long ago. Buildings turned into ruins and bloodthirsty zombies walk through the empty streets. The dangerous virus pandemic spread all over the planet in a switch and now it's your deal to manage with the impact. Everybody wants to kill zombies, but you will cure them in this idle zombie hospital tycoon game.
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Nov 5, 2022
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Download Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Diamond) free shopping: Epidemics that are terrifying with hospitals being isolated field areas, dead bodies laid out on the ground, and the city is also in a state of desperation because of the aforementioned. If we read this far it is easy to imagine the devastation due to the outbreak. What can we do to combat and overcome? Play Zombie Hospital MOD APK, let’s discover and test your skills.

Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod APK IS REALLY ATTRACTIVE?


Simulation games have always left many players awed and amazed by the continual improvement and the creation of new and exciting versions. Games that focus on Zombies include games which entice players with courage and fight in the universe of death’s god. Thus it is a games Zombie Hospital will be a fight between smart administrators and zombies who live in the realm of an inactive hospital simulation. The game is set in a real-world epidemic, the game is full of talking, moving corpses, and a number of. Since its release, Zombie Hospital has attracted many young people who want to test their best and showcase their skills, garnering stellar reviews and stars from an enormous number of gamers.



The clinic, which was small and had special treatment for patients transformed into a modern field hospital populated by horrifying zombies. Walking corpses were infested and attacked , creating chaos throughout. Anyone on staff and the patient could turn into horribly bite-sucking zombies. Thus, a talented administrator like you should discover a method to monitor and get into the exclusive realm that is Zombie Hospital.


The world of the field mentioned below is one of the modern day field hospital in which an administrator with a wide range of skills like you is constructing and managing the whole system. If you’re in the top post in the management department what are you going to do? Develop special clinics, update the labs, control the staff, stop attacks from zombie masters and set up the medical room… The full treatment within the Zombie Hospital game allows you to gain and develop the most advanced field hospital management skills.



The primary goal during the epidemic is to treat Covid patients and your job as a doctor in Zombie Hospital is to revive zombies to healthy human beings. Are multi-talented leaders like you certain to fight until the very end? Let’s fight and learn.

Make yourself a reputation management and tycoon in the world of war. Are you prepared to play Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod APK or not. From a simple clinic to modern day field hospitals seems too easy isn’t it? What about the future management of tycoons?

What's new

1. The long-awaited content expansion! A new hospital in hot Dubai.
2. Improved treatment of zombies. The process is now more enjoyable and clearer!
3. Assignment information made on the main screen to make them easier to track. Display of treatment progress is also redesigned.
4. Changes in tutorials and the first stages of the game. This will allow players to more easily get into the gameplay.


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